Cherry Michael From The Wood from Hair of the Dog Brewing Company

Style notes: This light- to medium-bodied deep copper to brown ale is characterized by a slight to strong lactic sourness, and with "Reds" sometimes a balanced degree of acetic acid. Brettanomyces produced flavors and aromas are not part of character. A fruity-estery character which is often cherry-like is apparent with no hop flavor or aroma. Flanders brown ales have low to medium bitterness and a cocoa-like character from roast malt. Roasted malt character in aroma and flavor is acceptable at low levels. A very low degree of malt sweetness may be present and in balance with the acidity produced by Lactobacillus activity. Oak-like or woody characters may be pleasantly integrated into overall palate. Chill haze is acceptable at low serving temperatures. Some versions may be more highly carbonated and, when bottle conditioned, may appear cloudy (yeast) when served. These final beers are often blended old with new before packaging in order to create the brewer's intended balance of characters.