Oscura from Omission Brewing

Style notes: A beer (lager, ale or other) that is made from fermentable sugars, grains and converted carbohydrates. Ingredients do not contain gluten, in other words zero gluten (No barley, wheat, spelt, oats, rye, etc). May or may not contain malted grains that do not contain gluten. Brewers may or may not design and identify these beers along other style guidelines with regard to flavor, aroma and appearance profile. The beer's overall balance and character should be based on its own merits and not necessarily compared with traditional styles of beer. In competitions, brewers identify ingredients and fermentation type. NOTE: These guidelines do not supersede any government regulations. Wine, mead, flavored malt beverages or beverages other than beer as defined by the TTB (U.S. Trade and Tax Bureau) are not considered "gluten-free beer" under these guidelines.