Brewers Dinner pint glass.
Oregon Brewers Festival 2008

I just wanted to post a quick note about the beers featured at the 2008 Brewers Dinner, which kicks off the Oregon Brewers Festival the night before it opens. Along with great food, this dinner features about 25 beers which are not featured at the OBF.

I know, if you missed it, this list won't help you. But maybe you'll see that it would be wise to get your tickets ahead of time and get to this dinner next year! Proceeds benefit our wonderful Oregon Brewers Guild so that they can help spread the word and educate people on our greatest natural resource!

Alameda Brewhouse: Lucky Devil Belgian Style Golden Strong Ale
Bridgeport Brewing: 2007 Hop Harvest IPA (Firkin)
Captured By Porches: Witbier
Deschutes Brewery: The Dissident, Beligian Style Sour Brown Ale
Double Mountain Brewery: Pils
Full Sail Brewing Co.: Lizama Summer Dunkel Weizen
Golden Valley Brewery: Red Hills Pils
Hopworks Urban Brewery: D.O.A. Barrel Aged Old Ale
Lompoc Brewing
: Heaven's Helles Lager
Laurelwood Brewing Company: Framboise Sour Lambic Blend
Lucky Labrador Brewing: Super Dog IPA
Ninkasi Brewing Co.: Tricerahops Double IPA
Oakshire Brewing: Double IPA
Old Market Pub and Brewery: Bourbon Barrel Aged Stout
Pelican Pub and Brewery: India Pelican Ale
Pyramid Breweries: Draught Pale Ale
Raccoon Lodge and Brewpub: Belgian Style Strong Ale
Ram Brewery: Barefoot Wit
Ram Brewery: Palm Island Toasted Coconut Porter
Rock Bottom Brewery: Rod Flanders Belgian Style Sour Brown Ale
Rogue Ale: Imperial Younger's Special Bitter
Roots Organic Brewing Co.: Gruit Kolsch
Wakonda Brewery: Beachcomber Creme Ale
Widmer Brothers Brewing: Belgian Style Golden Ale
Wildfire Brewing: Code 24 Pale Ale