Brewpublic's Angelo De Ieso II, amongst friends, beer, and ghosts.
2009.06.13 -- Baltic and Imperial Porter Tasting at Upright Brewing

Last night at Upright Brewing, beer geeks gathered for an Imperial and Baltic Porter tasting. There were a few kegs including Block 15's Imperial Smoked Porter and Lucky Lab's Imperial Stout. Thrown in for good measure were Upright Brewing's Four, Seven, Reggae Junkie Gruit, and Anglo-Saison. Sure, not anywhere close to Baltic Porters, but they were hosting the party, so I let it slide. And of course, drank them all.

This was my first experience with Upright's beers, and I was very excited with how they turned out. To me, these beers are on the more delicate side, showing off the yeast and fermentation rather than the imperial malt and hop bombs (written with affection) Portland is known for. Delicate does not mean a lack of complexity either, as many of these are tucked away in oak barrels to mature and pick up hints of wood and earth tones. As the weeks go by, it should be easier and easier to find Upright Brewing on tap around Portland. If your favorite beer bar is not serving them, ask them to!

But enough about the host, this was a Imperial and Baltic Port tasting, so bring out the bottles:

  • Heater-Allen Sandy Paws Baltic Porter
  • Bridgeport Raven Mad Imperial Porter
  • Deschutes Black Butte XX
  • Alesmith Decadence 07 Imperial Porter
  • Alaskan Baltic Porter
  • Full Sail Top Sail Bourbon Barrel 08
  • Sinebrychoff Koff Porter
  • Victory Baltic Thunder
  • Southampton Imperial Porter
  • Shipyard Pugsley's Imperial Porter
  • Limfjords Baltic Porter
  • Capital Baltic Porter
  • Flossmoor Station Killer Kapowski Baltic Porter
  • Left Hand Smoke Jumper Smoked Imperial Porter
  • Flying Fish Imperial Espresso Porter
  • Smuttynose Baltic Porter
  • Olfabrikken Winter Porter
  • SKA Brewing Nefarious Ten Pin Imperial Porter
  • Harpoon Leviathan Baltic Porter
  • Heavyweight Perkuno's Hammer Imperial Porter

Check out the rest of the photos here.