First stop at the Oregon Brewers Guild Dinner: Tickets and glasses.
Oregon Brewers Guild Dinner 2009

I always lump the Oregon Brewers Guild Dinner in with the Oregon Brewers Festival. For those attending the dinner, it's a great way to kick off the Oregon Brewers Festival (OBF). In reality, with all of the great beer and food (see below), it's a great event with or without the festival. This is the first of three events I attended during festival week, so check back here for the next two installments.

For those that think it is merely an extension of the festival, please, think again. As everything in Portland in July is about beer, so is this event: there are 26 beers available that are not at the OBF. In fact, most are rare one-off brews that are pretty damn hard to find outside of this event. Many breweries know that this event is a beer geek's paradise and are not afraid to experiment, showing off styles such as Krieks, Wits, Saisons, Pils', Lagers, and Doppelbocks. Living in Portland, in the heart of the IPA, IIPA, IIIPA, DHIPA, ETC, these styles are a great way for breweries to express their creativity.

So, at $50 a ticket, is it worth it? Yes. And also, hell yes. For one, you get great beer. You also can meet the glitterati of the Portland beer scene: brewers from Full Sail, New Old Lompoc, Laurelwood, Widmer, Lucky Labrador, Hopworks, Oakshire, Rock Bottom, and many others--all with smiles on their faces and other brewery's beer in their hands. Then, there's the food. Don't think that just because this event is about beer that they skimp on the food, it is incredible. Lastly, but definitely not leastly, this event is a fund raiser for the Oregon Brewers Guild. They do so much to promote Oregon Beer to make sure that you have a great pint sitting in front of you wherever you are in the state. They are a big reason why Oregon beer is as good as it is, please support them.

Oregon Brewers Guild Dinner 2009
Beer, delicious beer.
And, of course, you can support the OBG by coming to these events, meeting great people, and drinking great beer:
  • 10 Barrel Brewing: S1NIST0R Black Ale
  • BridgePort Brewing Co.: Hop Czar Imperial IPA
  • Cascade Brewing Co.: Lipsmacker Gose
  • Deschutes Brewery: Bourbon Barrel Quad
  • Double Mountain: Sour Organic Amber
  • Full Sail Brewing: Session Black
  • Golden Valley Brewery: French Prairie Blanche
  • Hopworks Urban Brewery: Firkin Diablito Belgian
  • Laurelwood Brewing: Organic Deranger Imperial Red
  • Lompoc Brewing: Summer Saison
  • Lucky Labrador: Crystalweizen Wheat
  • MacTarnahan's: Lip Stinger Farmhouse
  • Ninkasi: Dry Hopped Tricerahops Imperial IPA
  • Oakshire Brewing: Glen's Hop Vice Imperial IPA
  • Old Market Brewery: Kriek
  • Oregon Trail: Brown
  • Pelican Brewery: Heiferweizen Wit
  • Pyramid Breweries: Thunderhead IPA
  • Ram Brewery: Pauliny Pils
  • Rock Bottom Brewery: Duc De Guise Sour Dark Belgian Style
  • Rogue Ales: Maierfest Lager
  • Terminal Gravity Brewing: Tripel Strong Ale
  • Track Town Ales: Triple Jump Pale
  • Upright Brewing: Flora Rustica Saison
  • Wakonda Brewing: Sneaker Wave Imperial Pilsner
  • Widmer Brothers: Cherry Oak Doppelbock
For those inclined to eat (highly recommended!)
  • Pork Tenderloin
  • Smoked Pacific Salmon
  • Roasted Potato and Veggie Medley
  • Roll and Butter
  • Shakespeare Stout Brownie