2009 Holiday Ale Festival
Portland Holiday Ale Festival 2008

In a bout of uber-lazy journalism, I could merely remind everyone that the 2009 Holiday Ale Festival starts tomorrow and point to my beer blogging brethren's pregame coverage over at Beervana, Brewpublic, and Beer Around Town.  Hmm, looks like I just did that. Oh well, not much to say that the official beer list doesn't say itself.

Don't worry, this isn't all you'll get out of us.  We'll be there tomorrow to get a first hand scoop on the beers and bring back a recap and photos to post early on Thursday.  If you see us, say hi!  This is our favorite festival, with hard-to-find beers elbow to elbow.  And speaking of elbows, get there early, take the day off of work, and get a chance to taste all of your favorites.

Also, just in time for the festival, check out BS Brewing's 33 Beers tasting notebook.  Great idea and great book from a great bunch of guys.  Field-tested by people who know beer, this should be jammed in your pocket at every festival and bar--hell, it should always be in your pocket!  Nice job guys!

See you tomorrow at the fest!