Deschutes Red Chair NWPA.

  • Spring Seasonal (6-packs, 12-packs and draft)
  • From the brewery: "Not up for a full–on hop assault? Red Chair NWPA is a smoother ride. Seven select European and domestic malts take a surprisingly plush, satin turn on the way to a citrusy hop kick. Edges out, layers in. Witness the subtle, aromatic seduction of the debut Northwest Pale Ale.  Red Chair NWPA is named for the oldest operating chairlift at Mt. Bachelor: a classic, old-school lift that locals seek out on fresh powder mornings."
  • Available everywhere except Oregon and Washington in January; Oregon and Washington will receive Red Chair NWPA when Cinder Cone Red runs out.

Looks like the faster we drink all of the Cinder Cone Red, the sooner we'll see Red Chair NWPA in Oregon and Washington.  Luckily for us, there's an event that will help us do just that:

The Last Run of Cinder Cone: Celebrating the Life of Cinder Cone Red

WHAT: That’s right, we are toasting a fond farewell to Cinder Cone Red this year, and making way for the Red Chair NWPA. Are you clutching your hair and screaming “WHY!?” Well, we’d love to bottle and distribute every beer we come up with, but if we tried that our team would be the ones screaming. Come give us your own words of farewell on our “Memorial Wall” and enter to win some great raffle prizes, including ski lift tickets, lodging, beer and more.

WHEN: January 5th, 2010  / 6 pm

WHERE: Deschutes Brewery PubsDeschutes Red Chair NWPA