Down to Eugene.
Corvallis/Eugene Beer Trip

I was invited by Travel Lane County, Visit Corvallis, and Travel Oregon to go on a trip last weekend to Eugene and Corvallis to visit six breweries over the weekend.  You know the routine: meet the brewer, drink and talk beer, and shoot some photos.  Well, a lot of photos.  I came back with over 10GB.

What's the idea behind this trip?  Well, some of the Oregon Tourism sites like what we bloggers do in Portland, so we get invited to other areas so they can show off their goods as well.  In this case, luckily for us, their goods are beer.  While we do get a hotel room for the weekend, we don't get paid for this trip and we don't get paid to write any articles.  In fact, it's mostly about having a good time, exploring the different beer scenes, and meeting the people that make it all come together.  Technically, I don't have to write a single word or publish a photograph, but this wouldn't be much of a website if I just drank beer and didn't post anything.  It would kind of look like this.

Also on the trip with me were noted Portland beer celebrities, so check with them for their take on the events that unfolded:

We were scheduled to hit three breweries in Eugene on Saturday and three in Corvallis on Sunday.  Both days were from about 11-4 with many samples served before we even thought about lunch.  Due to Saturday's Zwickelmania, both days were completely different.  Saturday was busy, some large crowds, and a lot of celebrating at Hop Valley Brewing, Ninkasi Brewing, and Oakshire Brewing.  Sunday, on the other hand, was much more subdued and private as our small group hung out with the brewers and of course, drank more samples at Oregon Trail Brewing, Flat Tail Brewing, and Block 15 Brewing.

Check back as this is only the kickoff—I'll be detailing the trip in future posts.