Our mission is to get Portland beer information out to you.   Primarily, we do this through the site, but there's a lot more going on in the background.  For example, our newly implemented events list is now driven by Google Calendar.   Events placed on the calendar are not only available through this site, but also directly as XML, or as an add-on to your own calendar.

Most of the data that we collect and display is first put gingerly (shoved forcefully) into our database.   We could simply grab this info for our site to display to the world, but this data goes through another proccessing step first.   Hourly, all of our information: blog posts, photos, beer releases, and beer events is scraped from our database and stored as universal XML data.  Our site then grabs this XML data and formats it for the site.  If you'd like to include this information on your site, display it in an RSS feed aggregator, or just show it to your mom, go ahead!

Available RSS Feeds: