Alright, that sounds more glamorous than the truth.  I put a bit of a Hollywood spin on a simple fact: we're late to the party.  Well, at least the Facebook party.  We've created a nest at the site to grow our community and facilitate conversations on beer.  It's branded as an alcohol related site, so it is age restricted and requires a Facebook account.  It's not the most convenient way to drum up interest, but it is the most responsible.

The intention of this branch of is to open up the ability for two way communication, something our website doesn't provide except through the comments on our blog.  We want to build up a community around our beer-centric life here in Portland, OR.  We also, want to emphasize that this is a first step—so we're leaving the doors wide open for the community to help us dictate a direction.  So, poke around.  Leave some comments.  Kick the tires.  Start some discussions.

Let us know what you think and if there's anything we can do to make this extension a better place for you!