Puckerfest 2010

Puckerfest. Another Puckerfest is but a memory—but what a memory it is!  This photo is from Cascade Brewing's night at Belmont Station's annual Puckerfest.  They brought Manhattan Transfer (Blend of Quad in Heaven Hills barrels, Tripel, and Sour Pie Cherry Kriek), Noyeaux (blend of Belgian spiced Blonds aged in white port barrels with raspberries and toasted apricot pits), and Sang Noir.  Wow, I'm really glad we went back for this night!  Ron and Curt of Cascade Brewing are creating, blending, and aging amazing beers.  Bonus: Just yesterday, Cascade posted this: "Vlad the Imp Aler and Bourbonic Plague are in the bottle and will be released in August as soon as the beer is conditioned and the labels are approved."

We also snuck in a 2008 Dissident from Deschutes Brewing.  It's nice visiting an old friend.