Laurelwood Brewing Imperial Workhorse

Being released at Laurelwood's 10th Anniversary Party, Imperial Workhorse Double IPA should satiate the most aggressive hopheads out there.  There isn't much to say except: I can't wait for this beer.  There will always be a large place in my heart for big, bitter, floral beers and the fact that this brew shares some DNA with my favorite IPA in town, it's already heading straight for the bullseye.  The first sip will tell, but I think I can predict the future right here and now.

Laurelwood Brewing Hooligan Brown

Continuing on with Laurelwood releases, next up is Hooligan. It should tell you something when I mention that Laurelwood brews my favorite IPA in town and my favorite American Brown Ale. When this beer is released, I am going to buy it by the armful. I recently brought a growler into work to split amongst friends and it almost disappeared quicker than I could fill up a half pint.

Upright Brewing Four Play

If you're missing releases from Upright Brewing, you should be ashamed. Go ahead and give yourself a time out for five minutes, then head immediately down to the brewery. By immediately, we mean: The tasting room is open from 4:30-9:00 Friday evenings and 1:00-6:00 on weekends. For people heading out to Blazers games, the tasting room is also open from 6:00 to tipoff. Here you can pick up bottles, grab a taster tray, fill up a keg, or just drink a pint (or two).

This Sunday, you'll also be able to buy bottles of their newest release Four Play. From Upright Brewing: "In celebration of the brewery anniversary, it's becoming tradition to release Four Play, a very Belgian-esque beer based on Upright's wheat beer (named Four) but barrel-aged for a year with cherries, souring yeasts and bacteria. Four Play is blended from former pinot noir barrels that yield a rosy looking sour ale with wonderfully complex aromas and flavors. It's always a limited release and the 2011 batch is represented by only 67 cases and 3 kegs, all of which the brewers believe is their finest and suitable for cellaring up to 5 years."