Bottles 5015 NE Fremont St. 5PM-close

Brewpublic's KillerBeerWeek rolls on with Killer Beers of Southern Oregon at Bottles tonight: "Bottles has quickly asserted itself as one of the best places for great beer in not only the Beaumont Neighborhood, but also in Portland. Oregon is a big-ass state so we’ve decided to head south and wrangle up a nice assortment of craft beers from Southern Oregon breweries such as SOB, Caldera, Wild River, Klamath Basin, Standing Stone, Draper, and more."

Upright Brewing's Late Harvest by elii_, on Flickr

Check out the full list of events during Killer Beer Week, including Brewpublic's 3rd Anniversary Party at Saraveza, KillerBeerFest at Bailey's Taproom, and a Recovery Brunch at the Hop and Vine! Brewpublic throws one hell of a party and this one's lasting all week.

Elii and I were at Roscoe's with Angelo to kick off Killer Beer Week that featured an amazing beer list. In fact, there were so many great beers I had to go back the following night to pick up where I left off! My favorites included Red Label Scotch Sour (Cascade Brewing), Coche de Media Noche (Elesian Brewing), Red Tide Imperial Red Ale (Ft. George), Nitro Old Rasputin (North Coast), and Experimental IPA (Boneyard Brewing). Elii was partial to Upright Brewing's Late Harvest Sour ("An extremely cloudy and bold brew, with tons of fruity flavor") and Oakshire Brewing's Very Ill Tempered Gnome. Roscoe's is still pouring leftovers, so you haven't missed your chance to try some of these.

Full disclosure: while we fully support Angelo and Brewpublic, this whole article was written so that we could include our favorite icon of Angelo at the top!

Angelo from Brewpublic
Roscoe's Killer Beer Summit Beer List