Skookumchuck Wild Ale from Oakshire Brewing

What happens if you say Skookumchuck three times quickly? Unfortunately, nothing. Though people will look at you. And you'll be wasting time. Instead, you should be heading down to Belmont Station between 5pm and 8pm tonight to get your hands on a very limited quantity of Skookumchuck Wild Ale from Oakshire Brewing. Belmont Station has a few cases of Skookumchuck 750ml for sale at $19.99 each along with Skookumchuck, Hellshire II, and Ill Tempered Gnome on draft. Brewmaster Matt Van Wyk will be on and to talk about the beer, the brewery, or whatever else you want to chat about.

Skookumchuck Wild Ale from Oakshire Brewing
Oakshire Brewmaster Matt Van Wyk

Skookumchuck is the third release in the 2011 Eugene Water and Electric Board (EWEB) series. This series commemorates the 100 years of service and clean water by EWEB. "Brewing these beers with EWEB was a rewarding experience and giving back to help preserve the water that makes out local beers taste so great is an added bonus, " explains Brewmaster Matt Van Wyk. The previous releases were draft only Green Power Pale Ale and Land Trust Lager on draft and in 22oz bottles.. All three beers were named via submissions by EWEB employees. EWEB, along with employees of the McKenzie River Trust, put their brawn behind their words as well and hand-bottled about 70 cases of Skookumchuck Wild Ale. All profits will be donated to the McKenzie River Trust and the Berggren Demonstration Farm.

Skookumchuck Wild Ale is a blend of three different beers coming from a total of five wine barrels:

  • 2 barrels of Collaborative Evil, a Belgian-style Golden Strong Ale
  • 2 barrels of La Ferme Farmhouse Ale, aged on apricots (with both La Folie and Drie Fonteinen yeasts)
  • 1 barrel of an American Wheat Ale (inoculated with Lactobacillus)

What you get is a great blend of tartness, fruit, and funk. The Brettanomyces is evident in the profile, which comes through as soft leather while the Lactobacillus creates a subtle sour tartness. These flavors sit on a light, sweet, fruity body, with hints of oak and wine. The beer is a great creation from Van Wyk and Co. over at Oakshire Brewing—a one-off experiment that we're lucky to get in bottles here in Portland.  But they are very limited, so get over to Belmont Station at 5pm, er, right now!  Be sure to visit the brewery down in Eugene to check out some of their small batch draft only brews that are only available at the brewery.