My Beery Valentine 3
My Beery Valentine 3 Saraveza 1004 N. Killingsworth St., Portland, OR

Well, Brewpublic is at it again, this time with their third installment of the popular My Beery Valentine event. Let's face it, you love beer and beer loves you right back. Why not celebrate that love by letting Brewpublic serve you up some great, mostly one-off beers. Here you'll find beers brewed with delicious ingredients like: chocolate, cherry wood, vanilla, cocoa, black raspberries, coffee, cherries, apricot skins, Noncino, and other exotic treats. This is a no ticket event: just show up after 6pm and grab beers by the sampler tray!

The Official Beer List:

  • Breakside “Lavender Fudge Stout” – “A sweeter version of our dry stout conditioned on cacao nibs and lavender.”
  • Coalition  “Sweet Kiss Goodnight Double Porter” – Sweet Kiss Goodnight is a strong porter, coming in at 8.2% ABV, 31 IBU. Chilean caramel malt, munich malt, and honey malt add sweetness, with a hint of roastiness from carafa. After fermentation, this beer was aged on cherry wood and vanilla bean to add to its alluring complexity.
  • Upright “Blend Edmunds” – A barrel aged wheaten Four with tart cherry / barrel aged Six with dark sweet cherry
  • Mt Tabor “Valencino’s Dirty Nutz” – “Valentine’s Day is a time for secrets and sweets. Surprise your taste buds with our Dirty Nutz, a stout infused with Nocino, a sweet Italian walnut liqueur. Take your time, as Dirty Nutz is built to last and some say tastes even better when warm (don’t worry, our Dirty Nutz don’t sweat). So get in the mood, grab your sweetheart and wrap your lips around our Dirty Nutz.”
  • Vertigo “Raspberry Blast” – “We took our Arctic Blast Vanilla Porter and pulled out a half-barrel to which we added 6 pounds of raspberries.”
  • Fort George “Mexican Chocolate Stout” –  “What does a revolution taste like? Smooth, creamy, and with a kick of cinnamon! Our Mexican chocolate stout starts off with a smooth chocolate taste and balanced body. The different chocolate malts give off not only a creamy dark roasted chocolate flavor, but also a bit of bitterness to help prepare you for the wonderful spices that come at the end. With cinnamon, vanilla, and almond spices blended in the chocolate that we put in the kettle and the bright tank, this potent brew is great to enjoy before or after the revolution. Enjoy this sweet yet spicy new stout from the Fort George and celebrate the revolution that is Stout Month. Viva La Stout!” 7.6% ABV
  • Cascade  “Live From the Barrel: Bourbon Apricot” “This NW-style sour ale is a special one. Apricot nectar was barrel aged for four months then blended with spiced Bourbon Quad and Noyaux shells. Apricot skins, brandy and charred notes from the Bourbon barrel greet you in the nose. Tart rich notes of apricot flesh and oak on the palate lead to a complex finish of apricots, cherry pits, oak and vanillin. Servus!” 7.14% ABV
  • Laurelwood “Hugh Heifer Milk Stout” “Made with British Maris Otter, Brown, chocolate malts and Roast Barley, Domestic Crystal 60 and 150 as well as oats and Black Prinz Malt, Lactose, Northern Brewer Hops and finished with Cacao Nibs and Coffee. This beer is a luxurious an velvety stout with a with a mature, rich and complex body. The nose is dominated by layers of Chocolate, Coffee, and lightly roasted Coco Puffs. The body is voluptuous. ’nuff said?” 5.2% ABV
  • Alameda “My Bloody Valentine” – “This is the second incarnation of this farmhouse style Saison. It is dry, citric, tart, spritzy, and incredibly drinkable. The orange essence comes from the use of dried orange peels and blood orange juice.”
  • The Commons “Brotherly Love” – A Belgian Dark Strong Ale aged in a Heaven Hill bourbon barrel. Red tart cherry and roasted Peruvian cocoa nibs were added to the barrel and allowed meld with the beer. 8.7% ABV
  • Block 15 “Love Potion #9” – Sweet stout conditioned with locally grown black Raspberries from Stahlbush Island Farms and matured on house roasted Fair Trade cocoa nibs. Developed by Gypsies & guaranteed to help you find love. 6.3%ABV, 30 IBU.