Two Kilts Brewing
Two Kilts Brewing Facebook / Twitter 14841 SW Tualatin-Sherwood Rd Suite 501 Sherwood, Oregon 97140 503-625-1700

The first time I visited Two Kilts last Summer, I almost didn't. Not because I was waffling on whether I wanted a tasty brew or that I had suddenly found religion and didn't drink anymore. I almost didn't because I'm terrible at finding places and didn't think to look in the business park across from the DEQ.

Two Kilts opened their doors in Sherwood in June 2011 after two years of getting all of the permits and requirements in order. The location seems odd for a brewery, but once you set foot in Two Kilts you forget you're next door to a plumber and a vehicle graphics company. Once you're in there you are only thinking about the delicious beer you're drinking and about the conversation you're having with the friendly locals. The location was actually a second choice of owners Chris Dillon and Alex Mcgaw. They wanted to start the brewery in Chris's garage but due to state regulations they couldn't, so this location was one of necessity. Though it wasn't their first choice, it still has a garage like feel with a roll up door they keep open on nice days. The seating area is donned with wooden picnic tables that have hanging lights over them that are mounted to bare sheet rock walls and give off a warm multicolored glow making the area feel nice and mellow which meshes well with the blues they were playing on the stereo. There is a flatscreen for you sports fans as well as free Wi-Fi for those who can't stand to disconnect from

Chris says that the brewery is taking all of their time and money right now (we're cool with that) so the guest seating area will have to wait for some refinement, like fresh paint, wood trim to cozy it up, and a few other things. Don't expect to see a pool table, or Keno, or Big Buck Hunter here though. This is a true tasting room for beer connoisseurs, or even a place for just the average beer drinker who's tired of the same ol' sports bar their buddies drag them to every Friday night.

Currently, Two Kilts has six brews on tap. The list includes:

  • Belgian Blonde - 4.4% ABV, 30 IBU
  • Oatmeal Stout - 6.5%, 20 IBU
  • Scotch Ale - 6.5%, ABV 25 IBU
  • Cocoa Porter - 6.5%, 35 IBU
  • Pale Ale - 5.8%, 40 IBU
  • IPA - 6.8%, 85 IBU

While I was there I had myself a cocoa porter. It was very full bodied with a smooth roasty barley flavor with a chocolate aroma and aftertaste and a bit of an alcohol flavor. It was a little astringent and a little bitter and a lot of great. I also got a little sample of the Belgian Blonde and it was really unlike any other Belgian I've had. It had a pineapple/banana flavor and a nice light body with a clean crisp finish. Chris says this one will also be coming out of a French oak chardonnay barrel very soon. When I went there the first time they had some guest taps, but this is no longer the case as they have enough of their own beer to fill taps. They will only host Guiness as a guest tap for St. Patrick's but that's it. Once they have the Guiness gone they will use that nitro tap for one of their own beers (cocoa porter please!).

Two Kilts has an 8 bbl brew house, with hopes for a bigger brewery on the horizon that will help them reach their goal of increasing their capacity to 500 kegs. They are currently in the construction phase of a bottling line which will let them get their beers into specialty stores and they will also sell bottles out of the tasting room. Another place you can find their beer is at the Robin Hood Festival in Sherwood and Two Kilts has tailgate parties at their tasting room for Ducks games. They would do it for Beavers games but not enough people showed up for those—step it up guys.

Two Kilts offers a place for beer lovers to experience beer tasting in it's purest form. No pool tables, no lottery machines, no mixed drinks. Just good conversation, good atmosphere and really great beer. Believe me, it's worth leaving Portland for.