Build Your Own Crawl

Over the years, we've had many suggestions for different beer crawls around the city. We kept changing our lists as new breweries appear appeared on the scene. But why take the control out of your hands?

Just go to the Crawls page, and drag and drop breweries into the destination area. It's that simple! As soon as you have at least two destinations, the map above will update and show you the best route. You can even choose your mode of transportation and the map will show you the preferred route: car, bicycle, or sneakers. Whether you're linking two places or ten, the map will show you the route and give you written directions as well. Of course, if you still want some recommended crawls, just choose one of our predefined routes. We'll keep these updated as we move forward.

While Portland has many breweries, some of them can be very spread out. Be sure to check the distance between locations in the written directions to see if you can walk it, or if you might need the Max or a cab.

And we're not finished yet. There are a lot of places like taprooms and bars that might be a great part of a Portland beer crawl. Currently, we're only listing breweries, so some of the routes are spread out. Future updates will include these spots and a few more intricate crawls through Portland. The drag and drop functionality is currently not working on mobile devices. We are waiting for a few software updates that we can incorporate into our build in order to make this happen. We'll let you know!

It's your suggestions that keep these new features coming, so please, let us know what you think!