2nd Annual Stout Summit Roscoe's Friday, Feb. 24th, 4pm 8105 SE Stark St.

Roscoe's brings us another great beer summit tonight. Below are a few of the beers that will start pouring at 4pm. Be warned, I'm going to try and drink most of these before you get there!

  • Deschutes—2010 Abyss
  • Oakshire—Cordial Love: brewed with cocoa nibs and aged on espresso beans and cherries
  • Great Divide—2010 Chocolate Yeti
  • Boneyard—Sug Knite
  • Upright—Bourbon Barrel Stout of Monte Fisto
  • HaandBryggeriet—Odin's Tipple
  • Fort George—Spank Stout
  • Caldera—Oatmeal Stout
  • Flattail—Nitro-Eagle Rare Barrel Aged 6am Stout
  • Mikkeller—red wine barrel aged Black Hole
  • and more...