Brewvana Tour: The Commons Brewery

For the first time in the Fermented Photo feature, we feature fermentation. It's also today's tongue twister.

What happens when you're drinking beer, taking photos, drinking beer, forgetting to take notes, and drinking beer? Well, you forget things. So, in a sad attempt to provide information, I'll bust through the pellicle in my brain to retrieve some sporadic details about the photo above.

First, the facts:

Now onto possible facts:

Next, onto things I remember, but probably aren't true: (UPDATE: These things have been denied by the brewery. Well, at least the goat.)

  • we were on a spaceship travelling through both space and time to solve the mysteries of the universe
  • the spaceship was powered by fermentation
  • a flying goat (in a miniature hot air balloon) was involved somehow

I'm pretty sure those last things are true because I woke up with a headache—and time travel will do that to you.