The Commons Biere De Garde
The Commons Biere de Garde Release Cheese Bar 6031 SE Belmont Street 6p-9p

I shouldn't need to say anything more than "Hey, great beer and great cheese!" But I will. I haven't tried the Biere de Garde yet, but if you know The Commons Brewery like I do, it will be fantastic! Pair this bottle offering with the amazing cheese at Steve Jones' Cheese Bar, and you've got an incredible, yet simple event. Check out the official press release:

We're really excited to announce our first 7 barrel batch bottle release. Our Biere de Garde was inspired by the farmhouse beers brewed in Northern France and our friend Steve Jones, Proprietor and Cheesemonger at Cheese Bar in Portland, Oregon. When Steve was lamenting about the dearth of food friendly Biere de Gardes in our area we took that as a cue to develop a beer that would fill the gap. Traditionally, Biere de Garde was brewed in Winter and early Spring while the climate was cooler, then garded (lagered) during the cool months, and reserved for consumption during the summer. This beer offers a soft and clean, malt forward flavor with a reserved hop profile.

On Wednesday, April 4th, we'll be at Cheese Bar from 6-9PM to celebrate the release. Biere de Garde will be available on draft and Cheese Bar will have bottles at a discount on the night of the release. We'll also have bottles available for sale at our Tasting Room beginning this weekend. Hours are Friday 5-9PM and Saturday 4-9PM.

Also on Wednesday at Cheese Bar, beginning 7PM, our brewer, Sean Burke, will be spinning some of his favorite old country western records as part of Cheese Bar's Brewer DJ Night.

Biere de Garde

  • ABV: 5.3%
  • IBU: 19
  • Malts: Organic Pilsner, Light Munich, Vienna, Special B
  • Hops: Magnum
  • Yeast: Wyeast 1007 German Ale