Every Tuesday at 6pm, the Cascade Brewing Barrel House taps a new live barrel of a usually short-lived, one-off beer. What is a "live" beer? It simply means that beer is still active: the yeast and/or bacteria is still changing the profile of the beer as it sits in the barrel. These beers are rolled out of the barrel room and tapped—usually by a lucky patron—at 6pm. They are served at cellar temperature and carbonated naturally, creating the perfect canvas to show off the nuances of these beers: local fruit, tartness, wood, and sometimes spirits from the barrel (liquor, not ghosts).

Most of Cascade Brewing's beers are blends of several different barrels in order to get the desired final beer that the blenders want. Tap It Tuesday beers can often be single barrel base beers later used for blending to give you a preview of future releases to come. These live beers can also be blending experiments, allowing us to be the lucky guinea pigs bound to the whims of the blenders. Whatever the release, it is certainly an exclusive treat for Portland beer lovers—and on a weekly basis! From the official press release:

This week's Tap It Tuesday is LIVE: Black Raspberry Reserve, a favorite of the blenders. This NW style sour ale started out as blond ale that was barrel aged for one year before spending just 10 days on 60 pounds of blackcap raspberries: think Nouveau Boujoulais with blackberries. Vinous aromas of tart blackberries start this beer off. Sharp, acidic notes of tart berries on the palate lead to a sharp, dark berry taste that results in a finish with a prolonged dry fruit note. 7.25% ABV / $7.50 glass

This week's food specials include Spaghetti Squash Fragola, spaghetti squash tossed in warm Strawberry Sourgrette with red onion, tomato, toasted pecan & green peas, topped with gorgonzola cheese ($6); Pickled Quail Eggs & Speck, sweet & dill pickled quail eggs, Speck (smoked, cured pork), tart pink berry compote, Portland Ale crackers & our famous whipped Dork Fat, our blend of duck & pork fat ($8); and a Cuban Panini featuring smoked ham, smoked pork, gruyere cheese & dill pickle on a brioche bun with dijonnaise, grilled until crisp ($8.5).

Soup is House Beer Cheese daily, Smokehouse Chili, and Clam Chowder starting Friday and running through the weekend while supplies last.

For a special treat, try our dark & white chocolate nibs for only $1. Paired with our sour beers, they provide the ultimate sweet & sour experience! Cascade Brewing Barrel House: Tap It Tuesday