Cascade Brewing

We just got some info on tonight's Tap It Tuesday at Cascade Brewing Barrel House:

"Tonight we're living large and stepping out with a High Class Blond. Join us at Tap It Tuesday at 6 pm where we'll tap a live keg of a NW style sour blond ale that was barrel aged for a year in French oak. Tart apple, vanillin and soft oak are present upfront. Hints of green apple and sweet green grapes in the first few sips lead to a crisp finish. It's interesting to note that there was no vanilla added to this; the vanillin comes from the barrel aging in French oak. Also, as this ages over the next two weeks, look for notes of brandy to appear. 7% ABV, $6.50 glass."

Also, the Barrel House is rolling out some new bottles next week: Sang Noir and Figaro!

"...we will release both Sang Noir and Figaro at 4:30 PM on Thursday, May 17th at the Cascade Brewing Barrel House. Both bottles will be available for purchase at the Barrel House and the Raccoon Lodge. Sang Noir will also be available via internet sales; Figaro will be in-house only, plus a limited supply at the City Beer Store in San Francisco. We will also be bottling Apricot next Wednesday through Friday."

Remember, Cascade Brewing Barrel House is sponsoring this month’s contest and giving away a vintage bottle to the winner: 2008 Vlad the Imp Aler!