Pints and Prints
Prints & Pints Bottles 5105 NE Freemont

As a photographer, I like to mix beer and art. In fact, I like to mix beer in art with drinking beer. More importantly, I like to talk about beer in art while drinking... Ok, I'm going a bit too far down the rabbit hole.

Mixing beer and art is what Bottles is all about starting Thursday June 14th with Prints and Pints: "Beer-inspired art prints from 14 local artists; edition of 10 prints available from each artist; 100% sales back to artists."

Many of the artists will be in attendance for the opening night reception, so come out and support local artists and beer! Check out some of the great work below!

Dinosaur Party by Keith Carter
Witch's Brew by Jennifer Parks
Sail the Foamy Seas by BT Livermore