Laurelwood Brewing Company, NE 51st Avenue
Fire Recovery Benefit Tuesday July 17th Laurelwood Public House & Brewery 5115 NE Sandy Blvd Event on Facebook

Being part of the Portland beer scene is not only about beer. It's also about community. Whether it's meeting friends out for a pint, enjoying one of a hundred Portland beer events, or lending a hand to a friend in need.

On Tuesday, July 17th, 20% of all sales at Laurelwood Brewing Co. on 51st Ave will go into a fund to help support bartender Soren Appoldt, and his girlfriend, Lindsay Wolfe after an electrical fire at their apartment claimed most of their belongings. While money alone can't replace everything that was lost, showing up and raising a pint will not only help their financial recovery, but more importantly, their spirits.

Let's face it, you're probably going to have a beer next Tuesday. Even though it might seem trivial, make plans to have that pint (or two) at Laurelwood. A small gesture can have a big impact. Better yet, invite some friends and show your full support. For those that want to help even more, you'll be able to make direct donations at the Brewery, just ask your server. We'll also donate 100% of profits for any print sales from now until the end of July 17th.

There are a lot of people between you and your beer: hop growers, brewers, bartenders. Please come out on Tuesday and show your support for the great people that make up our Portland beer community! Spread the word about this event in any way you can: like this post, join the event on Facebook, tweet, or go back to basics: just run around Portland shouting.

UPDATE: You can now also donate online: