Widmer Brother's Oktoberfest 2010
Widmer Brothers Oktoberfest 929 North Russell Street Friday, Sept. 7th, 7pm to 11pm Saturday, Sept. 8th, 1pm to 11:00pm

Friday night, I’m headed to the wilds of North Portland to cover my first beer event, the Widmer Brothers Oktoberfest. I am relieved that this limited selection event is my breakthrough—as going through the beers of one brewery is not as daunting as facing dozens, and I can, indeed, try them all. Add that to the fact that yummy, hearty German food will be served to soak up any overage that might otherwise prove embarrassing while I clumsily get my beer blog legs on (something like sea legs, I imagine).

I’m also looking forward to my first taste of the 2012 Okto Festival Ale, curious to see if it brings with it something similar to the happy misadventures inspired by their Hefeweizen during the fall of my senior year in college.


General Info

A souvenir stein is required for consuming beer. Attendees can also bring steins from previous years to the event. All beer and food is purchased with tokens, which cost $1 each. Patrons pay six tokens for a souvenir stein, five tokens for a full stein of beer and food items are $1-$7. This is a 21+ event, no pets.

Music Lineup:


Sami Rouissi Band from about 7:30-8:30pm Portland Cello Project from about 9:00-11pm


Bear & Moose from 3-4:15pm Tango Alpha Tango from 4:30-6pm Quiet Life from 6:15-7:45pm Brownish Black from 8-9:30pm, and Con Bro Chill from 9:45-11pm