Embrace the Darkeness

Beers are getting a bit darker and stronger as winter approaches. But why take baby steps to get to the huge, dark, rich behemoths that we all love? Apex Bar is skipping the middle beers and going right for the pitch black darkness. And huge is not an exaggeration, the beers—as tweeted below—have an average ABV of 10.3%! As the press release states, do not drive to this event: find a ride, take a cab, walk, crawl. It's going to be a great time, but it's also going to take a giant heaping spoonful of responsibility. From the official press release:

It's that time of the year again! I hope you'll join us this weekend at APEX for our annual celebration of the return of short days and long nights. This year's draft line-up is once again insane. The average ABV for our draft list looks to be just over 10.3%! Be sure to put down a proper base layer for breakfast and bring along some snacks to keep you going. There are so many beers that are not to missed that I honestly apologize for throwing them all at you at once. Oh well, bring some friends to help you taste them all. Please plan on not driving away from here, find a D.D., take the bus, we can call you a cab, walk, crawl, just don't drive.

We'll be expanding our smoking area outside just for this weekend so you can enjoy these big beers with one of the fine selection of cigars we have for sale. The official draft list is still coming into focus, but please follow us on Twitter @apexbar where we've been steadily dropping hints as to the expected draft line-up. There are 51 beers this year and only 48 taps available, so you'll have to empty a few kegs to make room for everything!

It all kicks off at 11:30 AM on Saturday, November 3rd and we'll keep the draft list full of darkness all weekend long...

Midnight Sun-Moscow Rye 11%, Mikkeller-Beer Hop Breakfast 7.5%, Cognac Barrel Black Hole 13.1%, Sort Gul 7.3% #EmbraceTheDarkness — APEX Bar PDX (@apexbar) October 29, 2012


Hair Of The Dog-Adam 10%, Hopfenstark-Kamarad Frederick 11%, Mad River-John Barleycorn '10 10.5% #EmbraceTheDarkness — APEX Bar PDX (@apexbar) October 29, 2012


Gigantic-The City Hasn't Slept For Days 7.2%, Great Divide-Chocolate & Espresso Oak Aged Yeti '11 9.5% #EmbraceTheDarkness — APEX Bar PDX (@apexbar) October 29, 2012


Firestone-Walker-Parabola 12.5%, Sucaba 13%, Wookey Jack 8.5%, XV 12.5%, Ft. George-Bourbon Barrel Cavatica 9.8% #EmbraceTheDarkness — APEX Bar PDX (@apexbar) October 29, 2012


Evil Twin-Imperial Biscotti Break 11.5%, Soft Xmas10.9%, Xmas Eve At A NYC Hotel Room 10%, Yin & Yang 11% #EmbraceTheDarkness — APEX Bar PDX (@apexbar) October 28, 2012


Drei Fonteinen-Zwet.be 7%, Elysian-Dark O' The Moon 6.5%, Epic-Big Bad Baptist 11.1% #EmbraceTheDarkness — APEX Bar PDX (@apexbar) October 28, 2012
Dieu Du Ciel-Aphrodisiac '11 6.5%, Dogfish Head-Bitches Brew 9%, Olde School '10 15%, World Wide Stout 18% #EmbraceTheDarkness — APEX Bar PDX (@apexbar) October 28, 2012


Deschutes-Abyss '11 & Black Butte Porter XXIV 11%, Djaevlebryg-Nekron 8.5% & Pride of Nekron 10.5% #EmbraceThe Darkness — APEX Bar PDX (@apexbar) October 28, 2012


From De Molen: Bloed, Zweet & Tranen-8.1%, Disputin-10.7%, Hel & Verdoemenis-10%, Kopi Loewak-11.2%#EmbraceTheDarkness — APEX Bar PDX (@apexbar) October 28, 2012


Lynchburg Natt-Ægir 10%Smoked Porter '11-Alaskan 6.5%Horny Devil '12-Alesmith 11%Suge Knite '11-Boneyard 14%#EmbraceTheDarkness — APEX Bar PDX (@apexbar) October 27, 2012