Base Camp India Pale Lager
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Out now in aluminum 22 ounce bottlecans and on draft is Base Camp's flagship beer: In-Tents India Pale Lager (IPL). In the previous article, I quickly talked about the oddly classified beers of Base Camp. The five beers I tried at their grand opening were solid, well-thought out, and covered a fairly wide spectrum of styles. My favorite is the IPL. The first thing that comes to mind when someone talks about the inventive style India Pale Lager is a light, crisp, hoppy lager. What's in the bottle is different than that assessment. Better, but different.

The IPL is a medium body, brown-rust colored beer. This beer's sweet spot is at about 15 minutes. As the beer warms up, the oak character starts to come through nicely. The nose is lightly sweet, bready, with nice notes of butterscotch, caramel and vanilla. There is a nice balance of sweetness and bitterness in the body, with the oak and malts blending nicely and mimicking the aromas: more vanilla and caramel, but this time with a nice toasted quality. The finish is nice and crisp with no cloying bitterness. None of these aromas and flavors overwhelm the others, but rather blend together nicely in the final beer.

The IPL is a great first release from Base Camp Brewing. I picked up mine for $4.99 at Market of Choice, a great price point for this beer. You should be able to find these fairly easily at select supermarkets, most bottleshops, and the brewery.

Notes from the brewery: In-Tents India Pale Lager: IBUs: 55 | SRM: 15.4 | OG 16.5°P | TG: 4.0°P | ABV: 6.8% Our flagship India Pale Lager is a copper-colored hoppy lager. Dry-hopped, and aged on an in-house tasted blend of white and red oaks. The IPL finishes clean and smooth, with hop aromas of wild flowers and pine and a unique maltiness highlighted by the subtle oak character.