7 Seas Brewing

Yep. Cheesy headline. But my obsession for 7 Seas Brewing is ridiculous enough that it just kind of works.

Three years ago I discovered 7 Seas Brewing's tiny, itty-bitty taproom in a self-storage alleyway, behind a seedy hotel, off the beaten path, in the industrial area of Gig Harbor, WA. They only offered four beers on tap. They were on to something though. Their Ballz Deep IPA was the first craft beer I drank out of a can. It felt like I had a secret, complete with a secret wink-nudge-smirk secret code.

7 Seas Brewing

Last year 7 Seas Brewing moved a few miles up highway 16 into a facility about twenty times (or more) their original size. Afraid of losing the magic I avoided the new space until I couldn't stand it anymore and had to go get my fix straight from the source.

There were more than a few taps and pretty, shiny, gigantic brewing tanks on display through the windows from the taproom into the brewing facility. Their logo beautifully stained into a vintage-style barn door. Not only did they have around eight of their own taps, they had guest taps. Oh... and bathrooms! I wanted to cry. Clearly my secret was out.

Then I sat down with a Rude Parrot IPA and a Ballz Deep, for good measure... drank deep and got over myself... big or small or somewhere in between... this crew knows how to brew serious beer.

Sidenote: There is a neon Olympia Beer sign in one corner above the bar and a vintage Olympia Beer box in the other... anyone that's read my bio knows this goes a long way towards my forgiving them for going big.