Bailey's Taproom

There's a lot of beer being poured this weekend around Portland and the surrounding areas. Get it while you can, these are once-a-year events. In the case of John Harris's new brewery, get the details on this anticipated operation way, way, way before a single beer is poured.

Oregon Garden Brewfest »

Friday, Saturday, Sunday

Portland is awesome. I love it and drink as much Portland brewed beer as possible. Not for myself, of course, but rather merely to support the local businesses. Ahem. Despite all of the beer awesomeness within Portland proper, it does get, well, a bit asphalty. Take a break from the city din and the gray streets and head out to Silverton Oregon this weekend to check out some great beers and the simple pleasure of clean, fragrant air.

GermanFest »

Saturday, 4p-11:30p

Beer wasn't born in Portland. It wasn't born in Germany either, but the region does have a few years on us, going all the way back to the early year of 768. If you want to simply gloss over 1200 years of a beer head start, you must be drinking a glass of wine right now. History and heritage are vital to understanding where beer comes from and why it is important to society today. Sure, every beer doesn't need to be a history lesson, but Bailey's Taproom is giving you every excuse to taste some of the origins of modern beer. If you're still intimidated, don't fret, these are mostly Northwest takes on German classics, so the beer will range from the purely classical interpretation to the West Coast take on all things Deutschland. Will these picks adhere to the strict laws of Reinheitsgebot, or will they push the boundaries of the style? There's no other way to answer that question than by  taking part in GermanFest at Bailey's this weekend.

  • 10 Barrel Berlinerweisse
  • Base Camp Rauch the Boat
  • Block 15 Lemon Gose
  • Breakside Kellerbier
  • The Commons Pils
  • Falling Sky Dinkel
  • Flat Tail License to Pils
  • Gigantic Dark Meddle
  • Heater Allen Rauch Dunkel
  • Hopworks Cultivator
  • Humble Dusseldorf Rye Alt
  • Laurelwood Leatherman Lager
  • Lompoc Spring Bock
  • Oakshire Rauchbier
  • Occidental Maibock
  • Silver Moon Back Country Bock
  • Upright Gose
  • Widmer Brother From Another Mother
  • Worthy Kolsch

3rd Annual Pigs-in-a-Blanket Cookoff »

Sunday, 2p

Tired of passive drinking? Come out to the. Their Facebook event page sums it up best: "For the 3rd year in a row, we encourage our customers to create their own unique versions of pigs-in-a-blanket to be judged by staff for prizes. The rules are simple: Must contain pork and be wrapped in an edible 'blanket'. Bring as much as you'd like, but we suggest 15-20 portions. Arrive with your food between 2-5pm for judging. We will have pig-themed beer specials as well! More info to come..."

Of course, if you want to know what a "pig-themed beer special" is, get cooking and take part in this great beer community event!

John Harris

Sunday, 2p-4p, 805 N Cook St., Portland, OR, 97227

Even if you don't recognize his name, you've had his beer. Most of the Full Sail Reserve Series lineup is was under Harris's direction and if you want to dig way back you'll land on a little recipe for a Porter John created when he was working at Deschutes Brewery: Black Butte Porter. John has been a prominent figure in the Oregon beer scene for a long time, shaping and molding it over the years into what it is today. This is a public event, so come check out Harris's new space, hear about his plans, find out the name of the new brewery, and buy a t-shirt!