Photo courtesy of NAOBF

This is the second year in a row that I attended my favorite beer festival in Portland. The North American Organic Brewers Festival (NAOBF) is family oriented, small, environmentally conscience, and stocked with some damn fine beer.

The NAOBF offered 60 organic beers and ciders from California, Minnesota, Montana, Oregon, Utah, and Washington along with sustainable practices that many other festivals (not just beer festivals) should adopt to lessen the impact on the unique and beautiful place we call home.

I love this festival for a few reasons that are not entirely related to beer. It is not too large or too small and it welcomes all ages. With a bike corral and located conveniently on the yellow MAX line, there are safe and expedient ways to arrive and depart from the festival with ease. NAOBF is easily manageable and stocked with free water, delectable food, diner tents, and a view from one of the most beautiful parks in Portland: Overlook Park. Additionally, the festival donates a portion of the proceeds to the Overlook Neighborhood Association, Portland Public Schools, and the Oregon Food Bank. Oh, yeah, and it serves beer too.

With more than 60 organic beers to choose from, it is quite difficult to sample all of them in one day. I certainly tried. I did have a few favorites though: Logsdon Seizoen Bretta and Summit Brewing Co Unchained #12: 100% Organic Session Ale. Both refreshing and easily drinkable, the Logsdon clocks in at 8% and is balanced by Summit’s sessionable characteristics of their Session IPA, which just passes 4.5% ABV. My all time favorite from one of Eugene’s most popular breweries, Falling Sky Brewing, was the Biopiracy Best Bitter. The ultimate session beer (5.1% ABV) made from 100% organic ingredients (not all beers are 100% organic) and features honeysuckle and pear flavors. I enjoyed the ease of consuming one of the many beers from my favorite brewery in Eugene and just maybe Oregon.

If you haven't experienced the NAOBF, jot in on your calendar for next year, buy some sunscreen, and get ready for the most fun you could have while fully clothed.