I love beer and I love biking. There are not many more things in my life, aside from family, that I cherish so much.  If I could run off on a world tour by bike, stopping only for sleep, food, and beer, I would (maybe at the sacrifice of being divorced). However, circumstances as they may be, I opt for a beautiful day trip on my bike to one of my many favorite water holes. Portland is abound with beer choices and bike rides and I take every advantage of doing them both at the same time, especially when it is sunny and clear.

Last weekend I decided to visit Luck Lab’s Brew Pub in Multnomah Village. Since I recently moved to the dark side of cellular phones, I took my fancy-pants android smartphone with me and snapped a few pictures along the way.  I can’t think of a better way to spend a Saturday afternoon.

Taking the Springwater Trail south from Division Street, I headed towards the Sellwood Bridge to Capital Highway via Corbett Avenue and some side streets. There were quite a few climbs that surprised me, but that made the Sunshine IPA all the more refreshing, and the view was nothing to scoff. Enjoy the pictures.

Stay tuned for more bike and beer adventures.

Beer and Bikes 01
Along Springwater Trail.
Beer and Bikes 02
View from the Sellwood Bridge.
Beer and Bikes 03
The peak of Corbett Avenue.
Beer and Bikes 04
Arriving on the steps of Lucky Lab’s Kingdom formerly a Masonic Temple.
Beer and Bikes 05
The view just before the kill. Gulp!