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Brewery Profile: Gigantic Brewing

October 8, 2012
Gigantic Brewing Facebook @GiganticBrewing 5224 Southeast 26th Avenue Beer List Taxidermy, firearms and bladed weapons. According to owner Van Havig, these are the three things a brewery must have. They of course, have all of these things in the tasting room. They also have an outgoing staff, great atmosphere and really great beer. Gigantic is a brewery/taproom in SE Portland in the industrial district that sets itself apart from every other brewery... and basically sets... Read More »

Michigan Brewing Company Failure - Local Implications

Michigan Brewing Company, from When I was back home visiting family over the Fourth of July, my brother broke the news to me that Michigan Brewing Company was no more. This news blew up bigger for me than any fireworks display (with the possible exception of San Diego this year - those 15 seconds were pretty unbelievable). Not only had Michigan lost its fourth largest brewery, but the Lansing area and the state lost... Read More »

Brewery Profile: Two Kilts Brewing Co.

February 17, 2012
Two Kilts Brewing Facebook / Twitter 14841 SW Tualatin-Sherwood Rd Suite 501 Sherwood, Oregon 97140 503-625-1700 The first time I visited Two Kilts last Summer, I almost didn't. Not because I was waffling on whether I wanted a tasty brew or that I had suddenly found religion and didn't drink anymore. I almost didn't because I'm terrible at finding places and didn't think to look in the business park across from the DEQ. Two Kilts... Read More »

Brewery Profile: Breakside Brewing

June 28, 2011
Portland breweries are like fine pieces of art. Every one is unique in its own way, created by people who have a love and knowledge for beer attained by few. Like all great artists, the owners of Portland's breweries want their works of art to be original, to be filled with their passion and taste really, really good. Well… maybe the art metaphor doesn't work for that last part but you get my point. Now... Read More »