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Fermented Photo Flashback: Alan Sprints, Hair of the Dog

Alan Sprints, Hair of the Dog. Eye of newt, tail of cat, and hair of dog: Alan Sprints at his beer cauldron, making the brews that we all love. Read More »

Obligatory Year-End Thingy

Well, it is the end of 2009 and, as is customary at the end of any year, the media has thrown at us 2009 year in review after 2009 year in review. Recaps of the past year's events fill almost every television station, every website and every newspaper. Covering everything from the year in celebrity gossip to the year in natural disaster gossip, these 365 day highlight reels come at us with almost punishing frequency.... Read More »

Two Beer Icons

Two Beer Icons. Writing a caption for this photo was harder than expected. It kind of turned out to be like a chicken and egg problem, or a recursive acronym, or something.On the left, Fred Eckhardt, homebrewing icon, author, and all around great guy. On the right, Alan Sprints, founder of Hair of the Dog Brewing Company and mastermind of great original ales. I was happy to capture these two together.But looking a little deeper,... Read More »

10 Questions with Alan Sprints of Hair of the Dog Brewing

Brewer/Owner Alan Sprints brewing a batch of Blue Dot IPA. Brewer's Name:Alan SprintsBrewery:Hair of the Dog1) If you were stranded on a deserted island, and you could only choose one pound of either hops, water, barley, or yeast, which would it be, and why?Hops, at least I could remember what Beer smelled like.2) What is the best aspect of NW beer drinkers?The support they give to local Breweries. We have some of the most educated... Read More »