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PDX Beer Braul Finals Tonight at Hawthorne Hophouse

Base Camp's In-Tents IPL was one of the easier beers to identify in the Braul While the rest of you were potentially loading up on cheap pints at Hopworks on the Tuesday of Portland Beer Week, I was enjoying the relative calm at the Fifteenth Avenue Hophouse for their PDX BEER BRÄUL at half price. The official write-up from the Hophouse can be found below, but I hope everyone was able hit either location (the original... Read More »

Rise of the Urban Winery

Now that November has arrived, many folks in Portland will start to make plans for the Thanksgiving holiday. Most beer lovers will rightly look past Thanksgiving weekend to the 17th Annual Holiday Ale Festival the following week (November 28th to December 2nd this year). However, for those with family in town you might need to entertain them with Portland things to do. A great tradition for the last 30 years is Wine Country Thanksgiving in the Willamette... Read More »

Fermented Photo: Base Camp Brewing India Pale Lager

November 9, 2012
Base Camp Brewing 930 SE Oak St., Portland, OR 97214 Facebook / Twitter Beer List » Out now in aluminum 22 ounce bottlecans and on draft is Base Camp's flagship beer: In-Tents India Pale Lager (IPL). In the previous article, I quickly talked about the oddly classified beers of Base Camp. The five beers I tried at their grand opening were solid, well-thought out, and covered a fairly wide spectrum of styles. My favorite is... Read More »

Base Camp Brewing: Pre-Grand Opening

November 3, 2012
Today is the second day of Base Camp Brewing's grand opening celebration. I stopped by for a few beers on Thursday night as part of their pre-grand opening industry night. I'm not sure what the real percentage is, but the place looks about 95% complete, with only a few things like the presence of scrap wood out front and the lack of finished bases on a table or two. The Base Camp crew has been... Read More »

Fermented Photo: Base Camp Brewing

November 2, 2012
Base Camp Brewing Grand Opening Friday and Saturday 11am-11pm 930 SE Oak St., Portland, OR 97214 Please help me welcome Base Camp Brewing (Facebook / Twitter) to the Portland beer scene! The official grand opening weekend party/extravaganza starts today at 11:00am. Last night at a pre-opening gathering, they were pouring five great beers: Paölschienbier, In-Tents India Pale Lager, Out-of-Bounds Brown, S'more Stout (garnished with a marshmallow), and Hoptastic Voyage Fresh Hop IPA. The In-Tents India... Read More »