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Full Sail Brewing Releases Dan's Satin Stout

A new stout from Full Sail Brewing is on the horizon. "Spicy", "floral", "wildflower honey", "nitrogen conditioning" and a fairly sessionable 5.2% ABV? I'm game! Plus, as with all of the Brewer's Share releases, part of the proceed's go to a charity, this time Hospice of the Gorge. Looks like a formula for success. Check out the details from the official press release below: Hood River, Oregon – This month Full Sail Brewing will release a... Read More »

Full Sail Brewing Kicks Off Oregon Craft Beer Month with New Brewer’s Share Beer

Full Sail Brewing's Kristy Holsopple Hood River, Oregon – “He was a wise man who invented beer.” –Plato The Greek philosopher had his sentiment right, but according to most historians it was likely a woman who brewed the first beer and for most of the last 6,000 years of recorded civilization it was women “Brewsters” who continued to evolve the art of brewing beer developing many unique and regional varieties of beer. “As craft brewers we are... Read More »

Full Sail Brewing Celebrates American Craft Beer Week with New Brewer's Share Beer - Vendell Veizen

Hood River, Or - Brewers know the best way to celebrate is to brew a special beer, so to honor American Craft Beer Week (May 17 - 23), Full Sail will release a new beer in their Brewer's Share line up. This special beer, "Vendell Veizen" is a Weizen Bock and was developed by Assistant Packaging Supervisor, Wendell Bryant. "It's such an honor to brew a beer for American Craft Beer Week. I'm an avid... Read More »