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Fermented Photo: Widmer Brothers Spiced IPA

Spiced IPA from Widmer Brothers Brewing is the fourth release in their Rotator Series. This beer follows X-114, Falconer's, and O'Ryely. The Rotator Series lives up to its name as each of the releases has been very different from the last. It's hard for me to say goodbye to O'Ryely as it's been a go to beer of mine for the last couple of months: the combination of the fruity Nelson Sauvin and light peppery... Read More »

Fermented Photo: Rob Widmer

Rob Widmer, talking about the upcoming releases from Widmer Brothers Brewing: W'12 Dark Saison and the Rotator Series Spiced IPA. I've seen the Dark Saison on store shelves already, but the new Spiced IPA hasn't displaced the current delicious Rotator Series O'Ryely quite yet. Both beers are quite unique. The Dark Saison lives up to it's name, showcasing the Belgian yeast strain, while finishing long and sweet from the caramel and dark chocolate malt. The... Read More »