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Create Your Own Portland Beer Crawl!

February 21, 2012
Over the years, we've had many suggestions for different beer crawls around the city. We kept changing our lists as new breweries appear appeared on the scene. But why take the control out of your hands? Just go to the Crawls page, and drag and drop breweries into the destination area. It's that simple! As soon as you have at least two destinations, the map above will update and show you the best route. You... Read More »

New Features on!

February 8, 2012
You'll notice a few great changes on the beer page. Every beer now has a rating display box. However, a beer needs at least 5 ratings by different users in order to display a numerical rating, otherwise you'll see an "n/a" in the box. So now, all in one spot, you can see your ratings alongside the compile ratings of everyone else. We've also added a "View Top 40 Beers" button on the "Customize Beer... Read More »

Free Beer. Really.

It's a simple idea and a simple process, so I won't water it down with dramatic prose: Rate 20 or more beers, and automatically be entered to win a $15 gift certificate from Belmont Station.  We'll be giving away at least two $15 gift certificates to you, our dedicated users. If you're more of a "list" person, it breaks down like this: Go to the beer page: /beer/ Login with your Facebook credentials on the... Read More » Website Updates: Better Than Beer?

Ok, the updates aren't better than beer, but don't leave just yet.  We've made some big improvements to help you find beers by styles, breweries, and top rated beers. First of all, we've expanded the functionality of the top beers list on the home page.  Not only are we tracking your favorite beers, but we'll show you the week by week changes in rank as votes come in.  The list has been expanded to the top 20... Read More »

The Beer Finder

December 17, 2009
During our recent site updates, I rewrote some of the code in the Beer Finder's "Similar Beers" engine to spit out more accurate results.  It ain't perfect, but it does a good job of leading you down the right path.  Think of it more like a beer compass instead of a beer GPS: you may not get turn by turn directions, but you'll know which direction is North.  You also might get lost along the... Read More »

Portland, We *had* a Problem

November 19, 2009
Well, in my haste to push out only lightly-tested code, some things broke without me knowing about it.   In an effort to get some beta testers of our new beer rating system, I wrote a quick article hoping to attract a few people.  "Just contact us through our form," I said.  Of course, the form was broken. So, while we could see that many people were interested—and attempted to submit the contact form—all of... Read More »

Rating Beer at

Beer Ratings System. In order to personalize your experience at our site, we're investigating the world of beer rating.  There are plenty of sites that let you review and rate beer, but we want to do something a little different.  Most sites will compile ratings and offer them to the world at large to keep a current tally on worldwide beer tastes.  It's great for the history books, but as selfless as you might be,... Read More » Past, Present, and Future

November 4, 2009
A notebook, a list, and a couple of beers. Five years ago, this site started out as an idea on a napkin. We've gone from tracking a few beer releases between friends in town, to serving over 150,000 pages each year to users all over the world (96 countries in the last few months, according to a quick glance at the stats). Sunday's site relaunch was implemented for several reasons. We wanted to make sure... Read More » Relaunch

November 1, 2009
Over the years, we've had to make our website has bigger, better, faster, and stronger. This is because the owners have become older, slower, and lazier--and something had to make up for that! We'll talk about some of the new features and some of our future plans in upcoming posts, but for now, we're just going to breathe a sigh of relief and switch into bug fixing mode. We've done our best to make this... Read More »

Find Beers Like This One!

November 24, 2008
Many of you have asked for this feature, so here it is. For lack of a better name, we'll call it the "Find beers like this one" tool. I know it doesn't really roll off the tongue, but what's in a name anyway?In our beer lists, you'll now see the tag "Find beers like this one" at the end of the description of many of the beers on the site. In order to be part... Read More »'s New Beer Finder

October 13, 2008
Sure, we drink a lot of beer, but that's not all we do. We also do some work. It is our ultimate goal to make sure that you can find the beer you're looking for in Portland. We've already got customizable lists, beer and style sorting, but honestly, with over 200 beers listed on our site, it's a lot of freaking information.To simplify the process, we've added the Beer Finder tool to our site. The... Read More »

Portland Beer Tools

March 23, 2008
Helping you find your perfect beer! After the redesign of our site, we want to make sure that people are checking out the other areas of our site, and not just the wonderful blog area. Of course, in the blog section, you can find articles, news, events, photos, and almost everything else you need. Almost.It made sense for us to consolidate a few areas together for the blog, but there are still some great features... Read More »